We owe our roots to the rich heritage of Hiran Bala Shishu Bhawan. A leading school for kindergarten and nursery education in the city, Hiran Bala Shishu Bhawan was created out of the enterpreneurial and missionary zeal of two educated women more than half a century ago. Their passion to build a new institution of learning for children and patience to withstand uncertainty and hardship, with a meager start up capital saw the flowering of the school which emerged as a household name in and around its location in South Kolkata. Governed and nurtured by women only, the school is now a second learning home for 260 children under 20 lady teachers.

The founders of the school always wanted to specifically cater to the special educational needs of children belonging to playgroups and nursery sections to build their foundation for the future. Historically the students of this school have shone in life and have brought glory to themselves and the country in different walks of life.

But over the years there had been repeated requests from past students and the guardians of the outgoing students to expand the capacity of the school up to primary and secondary levels. We have now decided to take off along the path of expansion in 2 phases - initially up to Class IV/ V and then up to the secondary and higher secondary levels. With this we have the genesis of SNB Foundation.

The strength of our school lies in its long standing reputation and an increasing inflow of students across the years. Moreover the school has access to quality teachers as several advisors of the school are associated with educational institutions and teachers' training colleges of national repute. The school also has the assurance of CBSE affiliation.