Ritachhanda – A Journey Begins
Ritachhanda is an experimental journey in the field of music and performing arts to transmit the cultural and spiritual heritage of India in modern forms to the present day aspirants. This is not just a music school but a voyage to explore the depth and richness of Indian music through sessions of learning and workshops by eminent artists and great masters to bring alive the past in the present for an enlightening future odyssey. The inspiration of this venture is the bigger umbrella of the SNB Foundation. The space is located in the heart of South Calcutta just opposite Lake Mall in Lake Market. The time starts NOW.
The Mastermind (Profile of the Teachers)
Teachers with rich experience from missionary school backgrounds. The Principal of the school comes with teaching experience of over 35 years in an eminent missionary school in Kolkata.
Give studies a break (Other Extra Activities)
  • Physical education classes
  • Yoga
Activity Club
  • Dance
  • Bharatnatyam
  • Contemporary dance
  • Music Art
  • Chess
  • Quizzing
Events Round-Up
  • Annual Sports
  • Annual Day Celebrations
  • Saraswati Puja
  • Teachers' Day
  • Independence Day celebrations
  • Rabindra Jayanti celebrations
  • Inter-House competitions
  • Inter-school competitions
  • Van-Mahotsav
Knowledge is a click away

Compulsory computer education for all students. The school has provided fabulous computer facilities where children as young as Nursery toddlers have easy access to the virtual world.

A room filled with knowledge is a labour of love in progress. Children will have access to thousands of titles in the school library.

Points of contact (publications, school magazines).

Technology at its friendliest.