Welcome to SNB Foundation
SNB Foundation has been created to uphold the millennia-old spiritual heritage of India in modern times and spread the pristine messages of our ancient wisdom in the field of education, arts, culture and social service. The immediate inspiration of SNB Foundation comes from the wisdom and messages of Brahmarshi Satyadev and his disciple Shrimat Narendranath Brahmachary (the Founder of Dev Sangha, Deoghar) that were enlivened and transmitted in the language, idiom and spirit of the present age by their spiritual successor Shrimat Saumyendra Nath Brahmachary.

This organisation has been registered under the Society Act of xxvi 1961, Govt. of W.B.on 27.12.2010
All donations are to be exempted from 80G and 12AA of the Income Tax Act 1961
Goal of the School
  • To nurture children and develop in them emotional, psychological and spiritual values
  • To foster the holistic development of the children
  • To encourage the creative faculties of the students
  • To develop in them sound physical and health habits
  • To prepare students who will subsequently pursue meaningful careers
  • To make children concerned, responsible and contributing citizens of our country

The Mastermind (Profile of the Teachers)

Teachers with rich experience from missionary school backgrounds. The Principal of the school comes with teaching experience of over 35 years in an eminent missionary school in Kolkata.

Give Studies a Break (Other Extra Activities)

  • Physical Education classes
  • Yoga

Activity Club

  • Dance - Bharatnatyam, Contemporary Dance
  • Music Art - Chess - Quizzing